Email Image Converter (Outlook add on)

Now Email Image Converter is absolutely FREE. Try it out and see how easy is it to use Email Image Converter for Outlook

Email Image Converter is an easy to use Outlook add on, which automatically resizes image attachments.

What are the benefits?

When you attach large photos to an email, it is time consuming to send and receive the email. Plus, most email inboxes have a limited size. So, if you attach multiple photos, it is quite possible that your email will be undeliverable due to its size.

How does it work?

Email Image Converter automatically detects when you are attaching photos to an email and resizes them. You just click attach button in Outlook and you picture attachment is automatically resized. You can setup resize rules to define which attachments you want to resize and what size and quality you want resized image to have in the end. For more information, check out our about page.


To download Email Image Converter Outlook add on click here.

If you don't want to think about which picture attachment to resize and which don't, then Email Image Converter is for you. It automatically resizes picture attachments in Outlook for you and you don't even have to do a single click.

Don't have Outlook, but still need to resize images?

You can install our Image Converter (FREE) to resize images on your computer or you can simply use our Free tool for resizing images online.

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